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Not all surprises are good. In late April it was decided that phase 1 of Texas reopening was happening May 1st, with restrictions. Hair salons were part of phase 2. It was explained that two week after that date they'd make a decision to go into phase 2. This decision would be based according to a downtick or uptick in Covid-19 cases in Texas. It was stated that salons would not reopen, at earlier, on May 18th. All the salons began their preparations for social distancing. Despite an increasing number of cases & just five days after reopening the salon, it was announced that salons would be able to open. And that opening was just to be tp be three days later, May 8th, 2020.

Salons will open tomorrow, or at the very least be legally allowed to conduct business as usual. I know several salons were caught off-guard with this sudden change. We thought we had another two weeks from that announcement. I assume some salons will open immediately. Most salons I personally know of will not be opening this week, but the next. Some, like ourselves, are not opening until May 19th. We believe it to be best to not rush into opening. We had plans & systems going into place. We're taking social distancing VERY seriously. We are not, for any reason, going to forget these things because we want to open. We will be the safest salon to be in in the Austin area & not have to cut hours (we've extended our hours, in fact) or reduce stations to do so.

What do we need from you at this point? To continue with the patience you've shown us this whole way through. Follow our non-negotiable regulations. Know that great hair is just around the corner. We'll blog & share or salon regulations soon. Be on the lookout.

Stay well.

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