Due to the reopening of our salon during the Covid-19 pandemic please read below:

We are doing our best in being able to maintain the cleanest & safest environment posible. Due to need to have a set amount of time to sanitize & disinfect, blowouts may or may not be able to be performed. The safety of all is most important. We hope you understand that safety is more important then anything right now. You will not be allowed in the salon without an appointment. Mask are required. Temperatures will be taken & must not exceed 99.5º. No respiratory symptoms. We reserve the right to refuse or discontinue services immediately. We are not serving beverages for the time being.

Book an online appointment in menu below:

1. Select create new appointment.

2. Below salon button choose what category of services your desired appointment falls under, such as .

3. Select service.

4. Select provider & time.

5. Add to cart.

6. Add more services if desired.

7. Checkout to schedule your services.

8. Get excited!

Please call 512.548.6597 or message us on our Facebook page for inquiries or help.

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