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Our job blows. Ask us why.

Welcome to The Indigo Salon, a dream that began with an idea of raising the bar of leadership within the industry. We do this by providing not just continual education, but by helping build of our teams' business behind the chair & supporting their long-term goals. By taking the best care of our team means we can take the best care of you.

Indigo is the only brand-loyal salon in Liberty Hill. We carry the whole line of OPC (Organetic Pure Care) color & haircare, as well as EVO. OPC and EVO are leading the industry in the most ethical & healthy hair. We also carry EVO's Staino for our fun fashion colors, which can last up to 50 washes. This company also upholds our commitment to being ethical.

Not to brag... ok, totally bragging, we are currently the first and only salon in Texas that offers the newest and absolute baddest-assed Curl Cult perms, which are going wildly viral with celebrities on social media. We offer hand-tied and tape-in extensions. Platinum Seamless Extensions are the line we carry, which are virgin, remy and ethically-sourced before undergoing their manufacturing and coloring.  


With these products that means we have everything we need to create your dream hair.   

Our mission, at The Indigo Salon, is to make our guest look & feel their best with minimum possible impact on our environment. We are able to do this by teaming up with OPC and EVO to care for all of us & the world we live in, implementing a recycling program & offering the foundations of hairstyling mixed with the latest trends.



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