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Meet Team Indigo

To know them is to love them.


Owner // Stylist // Educator

Jaime is the jack-of-all trades in the salon & a bit bat-shit crazy. There isn't a lot she cannot do! After being told she couldn't make it on her own & that she should continue in college, Jaime pursued her childhood dream of becoming a hairstylist. Her passion began as a wee-tot going to the salon with her mom. She wanted to be JUST like her mom's stylist. Pretend tools were not enough. Within her family she was well-known for fixing Barbie's messed up cuts her cousins gave their dolls. Her passion was further fueled by a realization that she was "not like the rest".

Jaime began her career in 2002. She has worn many hats in the salon world. First she began her apprenticeship at a high-end Aveda salon in New Braunfels, TX. Her heart has always been led by coloring more then anything, but grew to love cutting! By 2007 she was moving to the North Austin area where she spent nine years doing hair at another high-end salon in Cedar Park, TX. In the years of being in that salon she led stylists in color, cutting & styling education, as well as product knowledge. She was on the design team where their work was featured on the runways & editorials. In 2008 she sought out & accomplished becoming a Certified Color Educator. Since then she has played an integral role in education training up & coming, licensed stylist & designing national education with her corporate education team. By 2011 she became the first director of education for the salon she was at. By the summer of 2017, The Indigo Salon was born! Later that same year she became a tape-in extension certified educator.

Jaime specializes in color & cut corrections, complete transformations, grey transitions, fashion colors & technical cutting. She offers hand-tied and tape-in extensions.

Jaime is an adventurous, family kind-of-babe. During her free time she enjoys cars (driving & collecting), traveling, scuba diving, anything adrenaline pumping, being active (you may even catch her singing and dancing in the salon), tattoos, and any place with water. Jaime has been married to her equally adventurous, family-oriented & crazy husband since 2016 & have been known to race bicycles, go ghost hunting & car things (they drive at Circuit of the Americas frequently). They love going to the movies & the comedy club! She has two awesome sons & a beautiful bonus daughter! Her favorite color is purple, particularly the beautiful blue-based violet called Indigo. There isn't much in her life that doesn't show that. She loves her dog & only one of her cats. Also, she is oddly obsessed with Zombies.



Stylist // Salon Coordinator

Nicole was born the first of six siblings. She's a hard-worker with incredible ideas that is plays out in her life, as well as the salon. She rounds up everyone at the salon to participate in inspirational contests & learning how to have a social media presence.


In 2011, Nicole began her career at Baldwin Beauty School. While going to school and apprenticing at her first salon, she began assisting Jaime all those years ago. She is such a hard worker that she worked two jobs while she built her clientele. Rudy's was her other job and where she became a little bit of a celebrity. Do you remember Gladys, the spunky old woman (a character someone was playing and messing with people) who called into the Ellen show? Well, she called Rudy's and Nicole had the pleasure of being the person who answered. She was almost fired for the call being so long. Here's the youtube link should you like to hear a small clip. You won't be disappointed.


For a brief stint, after leaving the salon she worked at for five years, she spent booth renting as her own boss. However, the stress of being a business owner with the added stress of an extremely slow area was not for her. As the salon was adding to the team, Nicole was a shoo-in. 

Nicole specializes in all haircuts but more specifically bobs & shags, all things color (especially dimensional color like balayage), fashion colors, bridal hair & perms. Her favorite is grey coverage and grey blending.  

Nicole enjoys exploring Austin & finding the hottest, new spots to eat & have cocktails... Okay, maybe she just has one cocktail, because #momlife so she doesn't get tipsy. She also loves shopping at Target & Costco. When you come to meet her you'll learn the interesting & unique name of her baby girl.



Stylist // Manager

Where do we start with Vicky? First off, she’s one of the sweet ones of the bunch. We like people who are sweet… At least we don’t get cavities from them. She started off a little quiet, but once she trusted us, man... her personality is strong & witty, which serves her well in her management position. She can be a little bit of smart ass so she fits right in!


Vicky was raised in North Texas. She attended community college but knew it wan’t the right path for her. She and her bestie grew up together and would change their hair all the time… in her friend’s bathroom, which I’m sure Vicky’s mom "appreciated". Her family eventually moved to Cedar Park and she didn’t return to college that semester. Instead, she moved back in with her family and pursued a career in beauty, her true passion. She hasn’t looked back since. 


Vicky graduated from the Aveda Institute in 2017. Her specialties include women and men’s cuts, blonding techniques, Keratin smoothing treatments, and hand-tied and i-Tip extensions.


Don’t let Vicky’s sweet nature fool you; deep down she is an adventurous gal. She’s learning two new skills; scuba diving and how to ride a motorcycle. She recently acquired a motorcycle of her very own. Talking about motorcycles, her new passion was introduced to her by her husband. They are a part of a motorcycle club with other like-minded enthusiasts. With her becoming a wife, she also became a bonus mom! Vicky spends her free time hanging out, catching some rays at the pool and playing with her two pittie babies, Blu-Z and Pepper... and going on motorcycle adventures, of course!


McKenzie began her career enrolling into The Salon Professional Academy in 2022. Due to her father's military career, she wound up here in Texas. Prior to her arrival here she has lived in Alabama, North Carolina and Alaska. Brrr!


She is a cat lover, particularly her own named Princess Peach. She will accidentally oversleep because she's such a good cuddler and will ignore her alarm. Her other favorite thing to do is chill with said kitty and hang out with her bestie, Jenny, at home. She is a self-proclaimed home body. She's an artist, digital and traditional is her style... and she's avidly into Cosplay. She makes sure to go to Cosplay conventions every year because she enjoys it so much.


McKenzie has dyed her hair every color of the rainbow, which says to us one of her hair services she loves is vivid colors. That also means she HAS to be good with blondes. You have to be blonde before you go crazy. She's currently accepting color clients, but will be adding cutting to her offerings soon.



Meet one of the sweetest people on earth. I mean, we're all nice... but she's super kind. But don't take her kindness as a weakness. She does hard things such as leaving her corporate financial career of 16 years to finally pursuit her passion... HAIR! She's a risktaker. Cristin began and graduated from Central Texas Beauty Collge in 2023. Her husband, Wesley, of 18 years is her biggest fan and supported this change for her happiness.

This lady is a mother of two sons and has one granddaughter. She adores them all. She's a strong woman when it comes to being a mother. Maybe one day she'll tell you about her adventures in motherhood.

True story, she's a published poet. She loves to sing & dance, even though she says she's horrible at it. We cannot confirm or deny these allegations, we have yet to go to karaoke with her. But we shall, after we give her some liquid courage (Mexican Martinis). Ice cream is her jam, particularly Mint Chocolate Chip. Cristin loves the outdoors, including the beach, the lake and hiking. She chooses happiness everyday, which probably accounts for her sweet nature.

Her hair faves are highlights & vivid colors. She's excited by just about any drastic hair changes. She is currently going through her apprenticeship.

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